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“The experience is very nice with the Engineers Parcel team. They helped me to get my belongings from the Campus very smoothly and with ease.”

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"The best thing is the idea of Start-Up only because of Engineers Parcel we got our belongings at home otherwise it"s a very difficult situation to go to Campus and bring our belongings excellent service."

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"Engineers Parcel had took a atmost care in packaging and delivery of my parcel."

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"Experience is really good had a very transparent policy and trustworthy service."

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"Engineers Parcel service was very efficient smooth and safe during these covid times and all the luggage was packed trough the video call so you can decide yourself what belongings you want with you. It was very cost effective. Amazing idea of start up during these times , try to focus that this idea stay alive after covid times also."

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"Reliable service and easy to order using Engineers Parcel service is very helpful in this critical situation."

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